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France and Daryl met in August of 1997 and quickly learned their mutual love for the great outdoors meant that weekends and vacations would be spent exploring the vast North American landscape on foot. After 20 years together in Langley, an exploration tour of the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast region of BC in June of 2015 planted a seed that quickly rooted. After a 2 night stay in a cottage at Ruth Lake Lodge, the journey began to turn this vacation spot into their permanent home.

“Introducing others to the lifestyle that we love, discovering what happens when you disconnect from technology and reconnect with your family and nature is the experience we want to create for our guests. We’ve always been the type of people who appreciate the simple things. We want to become part of the community and be advocates for what the region has to offer. We look forward to meeting you and sharing this beautiful area with you.”

To learn more about who we are, what’s important to us and to share in our stories about life as Resort Owners, visit our blog for the latest blog posts.

Service in English and French

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Wetland Conservation

You’ll quickly notice the stunning shoreline teaming with waterfowl, beavers, otters, muskrats, songbirds, raptors and mammals living off the bio-diverse plants and fish in our wetland sanctuary.  This habitat is critical to the life cycle and survival of these animals.

“Wetlands are helping minimize or even remediate environmental problems.  As part of nature’s filtration system wetlands absorb and filter sediments, pollutants, and excess nutrients;  recharge groundwater; maintain stream flows; control runoff; store flood waters; reduce erosion; stabilize shorelines; and help regulate atmospheric gases and climate cycles.”

Let us take you on a wetland exploration hike and help you fall in love with the biodiversity that exists within it.

Most mornings, you’ll find your host France working on the bounty growing in the greenhouse and the garden. A big part of the guest experience is having you enjoy the fruits and vegetables of our labour. From late May to early October, any produce grown on the property is shared with our guests so you can experience how garden to table really tastes like. It will be difficult to return to store bought once you’ve tasted fresh off the vine tomatoes and peppers, sweet strawberries and saskatoon berries, or crunchy cucumbers. Our goal is to help all market gardeners and small family farms reach more consumers and live their passions the way we do here.

Living off the land

Garden's Bounty

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