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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Resort pet friendly?

Yes, BUT, only the campground, Pine Cottage (yellow) and the Fir Cottage (green). The Lodge and Cedar Cottage (red) are no pet zones. Please review our pet policy carefully as we do enforce these rules.

Are the Cottages (cabins) lakefront?

The cottages have a beautiful lake view, overlooking the wetland, which offers great opportunities for wildlife viewing and bird watching…but they are not near the shoreline. It’s a short walk (850ft – 280 meters) to the main waterfront and beach. See the resort diagram for a better idea.

How many people can we book in the Lodge?

There are 5 bedrooms and 10 beds in the Lodge – combination of queen size beds (4) and twin beds (6), so if you max out the space in beds, that’s 14 people. 2 bedrooms have small pull out couches suitable for small children. Some of the bedrooms, we can squeeze in a small foam mattress on the floor. The safe capacity of guests on the 2 floors of bedrooms is 20. Our pricing is based on 14 people and extra fees may apply for up to 6 additional children.

Are you open in the winter?

YES! We are a four season resort, with some exclusions. The cottages are open year-round. The Lodge is open from mid May to mid October. The campground typically opens in late May (depending on spring melt and rain) and will stay available until the snow comes…usually late October.

Can you swim in Ruth Lake?

Absolutely! The lake is fairly shallow, so it warms up nicely for summer swimming. Depending on your tolerance for cold water, you can enjoy a ‘refreshing’ swim by June. The most popular time of year for swimming is from July to mid September where lake temperatures can reach 20C and sometimes higher. We have a nice beach area for swimming where we’ve cleared away any plant life and pointy rocks. Important to note – there’s no lifeguard on duty so parents must supervise their children. We highly encourage wearing a life vest or some type of PFD when in the lake. It’s the best and safest option for enjoying lake activities.

What do we need to bring with us?

We supply almost everything you need. You only need to pack your toiletries – hair products and shower soap, and your groceries. We supply hand soap next to the bathroom sink and dish soap for your kitchen, plus all your bed sheets, blankets & towels. Remember important things like bug spray and sunscreen.
If you’re traveling with your dog, and it likes to go swimming, please bring your own dog towels.
Watch our Facebook page for updates on what’s ready to eat in the garden as you won’t likely want to pack those groceries so you can take advantage of what’s been freshly picked for you to enjoy.

Where’s the closest store?

Although we have a few ‘emergency’ supplies in the office (bug spray, toothbrush, tooth paste, soap), if you need to do some shopping, you have a few options. The General Store at the Forest Grove gas station stocks convenience items, pantry groceries, liquor and tobacco products and is located 12 km from the resort. For ALL your shopping needs, the town of 100 Mile House has everything you could want and is located 33km from the resort. There’s a Save-On Foods and a FreshCo, a BC Liquor Store, a few pet stores, Higher Ground Health Food store and many other shops, restaurants and tourist attractions.

If you have any other questions for us, simply complete our contact form or email us and we’ll get you some answers shortly.