Enjoy the Sanctuary

Loons and other waterfowl on Ruth Lake
Bird watching of Sandhill Crane and countless migratory birds
Spring fawn and plenty of wildlife viewing

You’ll quickly notice the stunning shoreline teaming with waterfowl, beavers, otters, muskrats, songbirds, raptors and mammals living off the bio-diverse plants and fish in our wetland sanctuary.  This habitat is critical to the life cycle and survival of these animals.  

“Wetlands are helping minimize or even remediate environmental problems.  As part of nature’s filtration system wetlands absorb and filter sediments, pollutants, and excess nutrients;  recharge groundwater; maintain stream flows; control runoff; store flood waters; reduce erosion; stabilize shorelines; and help regulate atmospheric gases and climate cycles.”

As we watch and listen to the stories and concerns around climate change, we are compelled to do whatever possible to protect the wetlands and wildlife on the Resort.  Every year we expect the return of ducks, geese, loons, eagles, and so many other migratory birds to nest in our forests and shorelines, helping to ensure the survival of these species.  We marvel at new life on the resort grounds watching deer fawn and bear cubs feeding on the abundant berries and plant life. We have a responsibility to help them thrive and keeping them wild. Our ongoing efforts include the maintenance of trails and the building of viewpoints so that we and all our guests can observe and learn from these animals without disturbing their natural habitats and wild behaviors.

Let us take you on a wetland exploration hike and help you fall in love with the biodiversity that exists within it.

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