Just breathe and enjoy a relaxing spa treatment

The Spa

When enjoying a wilderness vacation, add to the relaxation experience with a soothing spa treatment to reset the mind, body and spirit. The use of natural essential oils helps to enhance the treatment by engaging other senses and taking the bodywork to a deeper level. Treatments are provided by licensed spa therapists to ensure a safe and professional experience.

Spa treatments are reserved at the time of check-in.  You can notify us of your preferred date and time by email at ruthlakelodge@gmail.com .  We will do our best to accommodate your preferences.

Professional spa services on site

Spa Pricing

Relaxation aromatherapy massage

Treatment specifically designed to allow the body and mind to enter a deep state of relaxation, while focusing on increasing circulation and flushing out toxins

60 minutes $75
75 minutes $90
90 minutes $100

Sports massage (deep tissue)

Do you have specific aches and pains that need special attention? Deep tissue treatments are meant to address those issues while helping to reduce the emotional stresses that are often at the root of physical pain.

45 minutes $60

Deep flow massage

Deep Flow is a progressive approach to manual therapy dedicated to the continuing evolution of mind, body and breath connection. Deep Flow massage allows the recipient to completely surrender to the treatment methods while actively engaging the breath and breaking free of self limiting patterns. Many techniques taken from multiple manual therapy modalities, including relaxation, deep tissue, joint release, stretching are intertwined to create a unique bodywork experience leaving its recipient feeling rejuvenated.

60 minutes $85
90 minutes $110


Rooted in traditional Chinese medicine, reflexology is a technique using appropriate pressure to specific points on the feet relating to organs and body systems in order to bring relief and balance to the entire being. This treatment is available as a standalone service or can be added at the end of a massage treatment.

30 minutes $30
60 minutes $60

Three Spa times available daily: Morning, Afternoon, and Evening. Reserve your preference when you book your accommodation, and we’ll fine tune the time after you arrive.  Select the Spa tab on the Booking page.

SPA services can be booked by locals or visitors who are not guests of the Resort.

The Sauna

A large European style sauna is situated next to the lake. Perfect for a cleansing relaxing steam or dry sauna followed by a refreshing dip in the lake.

Sauna fees apply.  Sauna towels included.  Ask at reception.

Lakeside sauna house
Cedar sauna interior
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